Welcome To SmarterGrill!

Hey there, I am Bruce Iannarelli and I am the person behind this website. I’m passionate about outdoor cooking for my family and friends. 

I created this site to share some smart ways to improve and make grilling a more enjoyable experience.

Cookouts have always been my favorite type of gathering.  Enjoying a beautiful day outside with good people, and of course, some great food is what it’s all about for me.

I started taking my skills on the grill more seriously, and on this site, I will share all the tips and tricks that I learn along the way

My Mission On This Site Is To Help You Grill In A Smarter Way.


How Our Content Is Created


All of the content you will find on this site has been written by me to ensure the highest quality standards.  I don’t use freelance writers on this site. This is to make sure that all the information we publish is accurate and that you can trust us as a resource for tips and purchasing decisions.

I try as much as possible to get my hands on the products that are mentioned in this blog to get a real feel and experience with them, but it’s not always possible.  In those instances, we rely on extensive online feedback from real customers of those items.

I also spend plenty of time going to local stores and talking with the staff to get to know about all of the items that come out and which ones are a good recommendation. 

Above all, I want this site to be a resource you can trust, with no brand sponsorships, so you can use the information to make the best decision for yourself when it comes to grilling and purchasing equipment.


Whats In It For You?


So why should you read SmarterGrill? I would say the main reason you would want to check us out is because you want to dramatically improve your grilling experience in a smarter and better way.

If you resonate with the following statements, you will enjoy the content you find on this site:

  • You want to serve the highest quality food off the grill you can to yourself and your guests.
  • You want to feel comfortable enough to enjoy your family and friends while grilling instead of worry about the technicalities of cooking on a grill. 
  • You want advice based on customer experience instead of a commercial sales page.

If you are on board with this, I look forward to having you read our guides.  You can start enjoying your grill in a smarter way by clicking here!

Bruce Iannarelli

Founder and Editor at SmarterGrill