Buyers Guide: Best Cheap Gas Grill (2020)

best cheap gas grill

Are you thinking of purchasing a gas grill for convenient outdoor cooking? 


The last few decades have marked a significant increase in the popularity of gas grills. With a considerable amount of grills available in the market, it can be quite challenging to select the best cheap gas grill, especially for beginners.


This write-up provides a mini-review of five grill products. 


It also evaluates each of these products and explains how they differ from the rest. By the end of this article, you will be ready to pick the best product that perfectly meets your needs.


Purchasing the best cheap gas grill is not as simple as you might think.


It is a piece of equipment that can significantly influence your outdoor cooking for better or worse. Several essential factors come into play before blindly opting for a gas grill unless you want to make your outdoor fun-filled activities into a disaster. 


As such, we would like to discuss some essential aspects of gas grills that can help you in choosing the best cheap gas grill.  


Choosing the Best Gas Grill


You will be using your grill for a long period of time; so you should choose the best gas grill that meets your requirements. Here is a list of necessary things that can help you in selecting the best type of gas grill:


  • Size: The grilling surface comes in different sizes. Determining the size will significantly depend on the amount of food to cook and the number of people. For enhanced cooking versatility, you should opt for a larger grilling surface, which has varying temperature ranges for cooking.  


  • Thickness and Material of the Grid: Usually, the cooking grids of high-quality grills make use of stainless steel.  If you want your cooking grid to last longer, then you should choose a thicker grid. Besides, heat retention will be more effective with thicker grids.


  • Flame Tamers: This equipment comes between the burner and the cooking grid. When you cook, the grease and drippings will fall on the flame tamers, thereby protecting the burners. Flame tamers also distribute the heat evenly to the cooking surface. High-quality stainless steel and ceramic are some materials used in the construction of best flame tamers.


  • Burners: This equipment is the heart of your gas grill. The overall quality of your gas grill will depend on the construction and design of the burner. For better durability, you should go with a grill that has burners with heavier construction.


For you to use different temperature options, your gas grill must have multiple burners. To determine the maximum temperature of the grill, many people depend on the British thermal unit rating. But, a high British thermal unit rating does not necessarily mean a hotter grill. 


Many premium grills also come with one or more infrared burners, which is an ideal option for high heat range. Besides, if you want a rotisserie style of cooking, then make sure that your grill has a rear infrared burner.


  • Interior Lighting: If you want to use your grill at night, then you should consider a grill that comes with an internal lighting system. Moreover, the control panel on some gas grills has lighting features that allow for easy use at night.


  • Fuel Type Conversion: This feature allows changing the fuel from one type to another.   


Advantages of Gas Grills


One of the greatest advantages of gas grills is that it is convenient and quick to use. Unlike the charcoal variety, the ignition of your gas grill does not take much time. Some other benefits of using a gas grill are:


  • Food cooks faster.


  • The cleaning process is easier than charcoal grills.


  • The fuel used in gas grills is cheaper, and you can switch it to your kitchen gas line.


  • You can easily control the temperature.


  • It comes with a variety of sizes.


  • It also comprises of other essential features such as side burners.


  • The cooling process of gas grills is faster than charcoal grills; as such, you can store it without waiting for it to cool down.


  • It is safer than charcoal grills. 


Best Ways to Use Gas Grills


It is crucial to understand the best ways to use your gas grill to ensure long-lasting durability. As such, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to use your gas grill.


  • Always start grilling by checking the fuel system. Look out for any leaks and ensure that it has enough fuel for cooking.


  • Ensure that all necessary items are in place before starting to cook.


  • Prepare the food items that you are going to cook.


  • To ensure stable temperature, preheat your gas grill by keeping the hood closed for around 15 minutes.


  • Apply some oil on the grid and close the lid. Next, set the temperature to your desired range.


  • For multiple burners, we recommend varying cooking temperature. One burner with high or medium heat, and the other with low temperature. 


  • Start cooking your food items.


  • Always keep a pot if you want to prepare sauces or other related food items.


  • To keep the cooked food warm, cover it with foil after removing from the grill. 


  • As much as you can, keep the hood closed to ensure faster cooking and enhanced flavor.


  • Once you’re done cooking, set it to a high temperature to burn off any residue. Then, turn it off and clean the remaining excess by using a brush.


  • Lastly, apply a little oil on a piece of cloth and wipe your grid.


Precautions for Using Gas Grills


  • Place your gas grill away from the house at least three meters or more.


  • Avoid hanging of unnecessary items on or near your gas grill.


  • For emergency, always place a bottle of water.


  • Always check the fuel system to detect any leak.


  • Keep your gas grill clean.


  • Most importantly, keep a fire extinguisher nearby.


The Best Cheap Gas Grills


Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner


This gas grill comes with three burners that can provide heat to 30,000 British thermal units. The cooking surface, with its 360 square inches, comes with porcelain-coated grates to ensure sufficient cooking space and easy maintenance. This gas grill also offers space for secondary cooking as it features a warming rack measuring 7-inch deep and 24-inch wide. The material of the burner is stainless steel, which ensures durability and better heat control. This grill features wheels that allow easier movement.




  • Designed by a reliable American brand.


  • This gas grill, with its 360 square inches, provides a sufficient cooking space and can hold up to 15 burgers.


  • This gas grill comes with three burners, thereby providing enhanced versatility for cooking.


  • It features a side burner with 8000 British thermal unit, which enhances the cooking activities. 


  • Quick burner start-up with its piezo ignition system.


  • Porcelain-coated steel enhances the durability of this gas grill.


  • Features side shelves for storing accessories.



  • Assembling this gas grill takes more time as it comes with many parts to put together.


  • It does not feature a rear burner; as such, it does not support the rotisserie style of cooking.


MASTER COOK Classic Liquid Propane Gas Grill, 3-Bunner with Folding Table, Black


The product features three stainless steel burners with a cooking area of 340 square inches. It can deliver heat up to 30000 British thermal units. It also comes with two foldable side tables that ensure secure storage. The firebox and lid comprise of porcelain-coated steel and built-in thermometer. As such, it increases durability and provides accurate temperature control. The warming area, with its total area of 133 square inches, has a dimension of 7-inch deep and 20-inch wide. Besides, to ensure easy portability, this grill sits on four wheels, each measuring 6-inch.




  • It provides a sufficient cooking area compared to its size.


  • It has a built-in thermometer.


  • The wheel system is large and sturdy; as such, it allows easy movement even across gravel.


  • It allows for easy to set up.


  • Convenient design.


  • The overall material construction is durable.




  • This product comes with only 12 months warranty.


  • The ignition of this gas grill may sometimes fail to work on the first try.


  • It is not available in natural gas.


Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill-Stainless steel


This grill features two burners with 24,000 British thermal units, 300 square inches of cooking area, and 100 square inches of warming rack. It has two foldable side shelves and temperature gauge to ensure additional working space and increased heat control, respectively. It also comes with an easily removable grease pan. This grill has four casters that provide stability and mobility. When it comes to the ignition system, it uses a triple-A battery that differentiates it from other gas grills. Overall, this product is worth its price.




  • This product allows for easy setup and maintenance.


  • Solid construction.


  • It has an adequate cooking area.


  • This gas grill features a removable grease pan.


  • Features temperature gauge.


  • The heat can increase up to 600-degree Fahrenheit.


  • The cabinet for storing fuel tank comes with a door.


  • Easily adjustable to high, medium, and low temperature.


  • It comes with foldable side shelves.


  • It is budget-friendly.




  • It does not come with a cover.


  • The lowest temperature is quite hot.


  • Assembling the part can be challenging for beginners.


Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill, Black


This product is another affordable and durable gas grill available in the market. It has a total cooking surface of more than 600 square inches, thereby providing significant space for grilling. The main burner can produce heat up to 40800 British thermal units, while around 12000 British thermal units for the side burner. The thick grates, with its porcelain-coated, significantly retain the heat and distribute evenly throughout the cooking area.  




  • It has sufficient cooking area; as such, ideal for cooking large amounts of food.


  • Provides high-temperature range.


  • Save time when cooking.


  • It features an accurate built-in thermometer to regulate the temperature.


  • The overall construction is highly durable.




  • The material of the wheel system is not of high quality.


  • It is quite difficult to assemble. 


  • Collection of grease on the bottom.


Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill


This product is an upgraded model of the Weber Q100. The Weber Q1000 has many added features such as control knobs, strong rear and front cradles, and bigger grip handle, among others. The total cooking space is 189 square inches, and the British thermal unit is 8500. The material of the lid and body is cast-aluminum, which makes it significantly portable. The fuel type is LPG. Besides, it also comes with other essential features such as push-button ignition, removable grease pan. 




  • Simplified assembly.


  • It is easily portable.


  • This product has enhanced grip handle and knobs.


  • Due to its porcelain coating, the maintenance and cleaning are significantly straightforward.


  • It has an excellent grease pan.




  • It features only one burner.


  • Fuel not included in the package.


  • Not suitable for a large number of people.




To sum up, the above-listed products are some of the best cheap gas grills available on the market. 


These products have many essential features required for successful grilling activities.


For instance, the listed products have different sizes with a varying temperature that ranges from high to low. The grid of these grills features stainless steel, which makes effective heat retention. 


When it comes to temperature range, these products have a high British thermal unit rating. They also allow for the conversion of fuel type. 


As such, they become an ideal choice without any doubt. 


However, ensure that you consider your requirements before purchasing it since each cheap gas grill differs with their size, temperature range, and other related features.




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