The 5 Best Grill Tool Sets Reviewed for 2020

best grill tool set

Grilling can be fun and rewarding (and delicious!),  but just like a carpenter wouldn’t start working without a hammer,  you won’t want to fire up the grill without your tools of the trade.

If you are new to grilling then you very well might be lacking in the tool department.  Or you may be a grilling pro just researching what is the best grill toolset.  

If you are thinking about improving your grilling skill, getting a set of grill tools is a great start. And considering how grill tool sets are easy to use, you will be serving the perfect steaks and burgers in no time like a pro. 

Our Top 5 Picks to Get Your Grilling on!

Cuisinart CG5-5020 deluxe grill set

This is a product that combines versatility with product efficiency. The grill tool set comes in a sleek silver case made from durable aluminum. Perfect for tending to your outdoor grilling needs. Whether it’s a little barbecue feast on your backyard or a camping trip up on the mountains, these will serve you well. 

The set is complete with a whopping 20 pieces of stainless steel tools. The tool ensemble includes a spatula, basting brush made of silicone, grill tongs, corn holders, replacement brush heads, and a digital temperature fork which is perhaps the best highlight among the tools. The tools are also readily equipped with a tight grip handle. 

Say goodbye to burned steaks and hello to perfect sizzling steaks. With the digital fork on board, simply adjust the timer and you can even flip through a few pages of your favorite book or magazine while waiting for your steak to ring with perfection. 

Another great feature is the LED light embedded on the fork which you can make use during midnight snack rendezvous. Modern cooking truly requires modern accessories and what can be better than having this multifunctioning tool kit. The toolset will also play well with your grilling station for a long time.  

  • Ideal for gifting occasions
  • Great for beginners
  • Strong handle grip
  • Slow thermometer register
  • Tong not recommended for heavy items

Cuisinart CGS-W13 toolset

If you are looking for a toolset with a moderate sizing then this is the right pick for you. What makes this little handy set even more convenient is its carry case. The carry case is made out of recycled plastic and has a solid grip handle for easy transportation and outing. 

And if you think you are not tempted enough with this item, you need to have a look at the 12 impressive pieces of tools made with premium durable steel. To give the tools an overall rustic chic look, the handles are crafted and set from robust wooden material. This wooden feature provides comfort and protection from heat. 

However, this isn’t simply a toolset that’s all about the looks. It also offers great functionality performance-wise. The structure of the tools features great height and grip to make it perfect for combating with heat and lifting large steaks. The base of the spatula, grill brush, and tong are all equipped with leather straps for added convenience during grilling. 

If you are looking for a rustic and modern clash of tools for some heavy-duty grilling, you certainly know where to look. Grilling in no way has to be difficult for anyone, so make it easy and fun with these tools. 

  • Molded casing for tools inside the case
  • Great design
  • Basic affordable option
  • Average case construction
  • Grill brush metal is not sturdy enough

AmazonBasics grill toolset

This is a toolset that pretty much speaks for itself in terms of great design, functionality, and performance. It comes in a silver metal case with a handle. The cool and sleek design of the case offers a professional look for you to look like a pro at your next cookout.

The set of tools contains a total of 15 piece utensils, all made from stainless steel for added durability and a plastic handle with a black finish for a comfortable grip. The pieces include tongs, corn holders, skewers, spatula, basting brush, and grill brush along with a spare head. The tools are dishwasher friendly and feature hanging loops.

From burgers and steaks to kabobs, this one is a definite party pleaser. With its portable carry case, you can easily take it just about anywhere and show off your impressive grilling skills to all the hungry people around. The spatula also features a bottle opener which you can conveniently use to crack open a few beers or a fiery bottle of sauce.

This one ticks a lot of boxes in terms of combining design with versatility. Even if you are an amateur to the grilling game, you can certainly feel yourself ramping up on your grilling skills. This means it’s not just good for crowds but can also grow with you as you gain more skills.

  • Value for money
  • Ideal as a starter kit
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Grill brush not durable enough for extended use
  • Lacks in minute attention to detail

Grillaholics BBQ Tool Set 

This is a fine set of grill toolset that stays committed to the idea that great things can certainly come in small packages. This small-sized family of tools comes with 4 grilling utensils, all of which are composed of stainless steel along with hard plastic handles. You can also clean them with ease as these are dishwasher friendly. 

What it lacks in quantity, this little set of tools makes up for in performance and durability. The tools are made with great precision to handle extreme heat and keep your hands from burning. It can even carry a lot of weight which means you don’t need to worry about any heavy-duty lifting.

The tools included in the set are a spatula, skewer, tong, and a basting brush. What’s so great about this compact toolset is that the spatula comes with serrated edges that you can use to make cuts as well as tenderize the meat. Just make sure you keep it out of harm’s way and you’re good to go.

This set can also duel as a great starter kit to practice your grilling or even a travel kit. After all, it comes with the basic tools required for any kind of grilling. It generally just works out great for everyone and everything, including professionals who simply want an extra pair of spatula or tongs. 

  • Serrated edges add versatile function
  • Strong and durable
  • Ideal as a travel kit
  • Does not have a storage case
  • No locking mechanism in tong

Home-complete BBQ toolset

When it comes to keeping things professional, this one sets the bar pretty high. It comes in a complete 16 piece set, making it an eye-opener for any master griller. The pieces come encased in a stylish aluminum case, great for easy transportation and storage. 

The 16 pieces of tools include all standard tools like a spatula, skewers, tongs, cleaning brushes, and more. All of these are required for not just cooking your steak but also for grilling sausages, kabobs and all kinds of food to keep your barbeque guests happy. You can also drop these off at the dishwater after a hectic day of grilling and dining. 

If you think the 16 piece set in a classy case isn’t enough, check out the spatula! It comes with not one but two additional features which include the serrated edge and a bottle opener. This will certainly keep your steaks well cut and your drinks open for service.

Why stop at sharing just your food when you can share your love for grilling too. If you happen to have any family member who loves grilling just as much, you can bond over grilling with your loved one by gifting this toolset on a birthday or any other special occasion.  

  • Ideal for machine wash
  • Convenient storage
  • Perfect for gift occasions
  • Flimsy tong
  • Steel is not rust-resistant

What is a Grill Toolset?

As the name gives away, a grill toolset is a set of tools for grilling purposes. Generally, the tools included in the set contain a spatula which is often used in flipping burgers or meat off the grill. A pair of skewers, basting brush, tong, and a wired cleaning brush to scrape off any kind of food deposits from your grill along with a couple of corn holders.

One thing to note about these grilling toolsets is the number of items they come with. While some sets are available in 15-20 pieces, there are those with lesser quantities like 8 pieces or even 4 pieces. Hence, you can use the larger set if you want a complete set around the house or opt for the smaller one if you only want the basic tools. 

Why You NEED to Have One

People often mistake these toolsets as only meant for professional cooks and grill enthusiasts. But this is not true at all. These grill sets are highly recommended as starter kits because they’re easy to use and handle. So, rest assured if you’re a newbie, you can give these a run with ease.  

If you have a grill station lying around at home then you need to have this toolset to complement your grill. There is also the advantage of grilling with better adequacy if you have the proper tools for grilling the right food.

These are also great for outdoor adventures or any kind of traveling. Since most of these tools come in portable carry cases, you can make use of this feature to impress your camping mates with your outdoor grilling skills.

Basic features to keep in mind

These features are based off on certain important functions and components which make up the overall product. While products are not meant to last forever, you can keep them around for a long time if you know what to look for in terms of its features. Here are some tips to keep in mind!


Since grill utensils are exposed to a lot of heat and fire damage, it’ll be good to go for tools with longer handles to protect your hands from the heat. Also, look for handles with ergonomic designs for a better and comfortable grip.

Material composition: 

Tools made from premium materials tend to last longer and are more efficient. Tools composed of materials like stainless steel and anti-bacterial wood are highly recommended as these are great in warding off rust and termites. 

Tool implements: 

Most tool sets come in a range of 15 to 20 utensils but there are some which are available in lesser quantities. Lesser quantity means some utensils will be missing from the pack. So, always keep an eye out for the 3 primary implements – a spatula, grill tong, and a skewer.


Your kitchen cabinet may seem like a good idea to store these tools, but nothing can beat the safety and comfort of having a personalized storage case. Storage cases are great for keeping the tools organized and are also convenient for easy transportation. Make sure your grilling tool set comes in one.  


This is a feature that may seem trivial and is often overlooked by a lot of people. While scrubbing off grease doesn’t seem all too hard, it may be a lot more helpful for you if the tools are actually dishwasher friendly for easy cleaning. That way you can save time and relax. 


After an intense battle of tools, the grilling toolset from AmazonBasics grill tool set emerges as the clear winner and the reason behind this selection is pretty clear – it’s an all around great product with a great value! While the other toolsets either hit or miss with their features, this one manages to rack up a consistent run in terms of design, function, and performance on the grill. 

Thus, it offers a versatile toolset with durable material composition and a strong frame to face heavy-duty work on the grill. As every artist is incomplete without their tools, you’ll need this product to craft your masterpiece if you wish to become a master griller.

However convenient a tool may be, it will be deemed useless if it can’t meet your needs. Before you make any quick purchases, it’s important to map out your exact needs and shop according to it. A quick research and product comparison are highly recommended if you want to get the best out of a product.

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